FreeBSD Digital Ocean Droplet – Present Floating IP for Outbound/External connections PF or IPTABLES NAT Overload/PAT

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As previously mentioned here I migrated from a UFS/Ezjail FreeBSD Digital Ocean droplet to a ZFS/IOCage droplet for easier backup and recovery. As part of making my life easier going forwards I decided to implement a floating IP for future migrations. If you’re unfamiliar with floating IPs its a secondary IPv4 public address that sits […]


FreeBSD Upgrade to Nginx 1.10.1 Unknown directive “geoip_country” Dynamic Modules

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I recently decided it was time to migrate my UFS ezjails based Digital Ocean droplet to the new and sparkly FreeBSD 10.3 ZFS droplet whilst transitioning to iocage. To make my life harder I thought it was a prime opportunity to build everything from scratch rather than tar the jails as per these instructions. Everything […]

FreeBSD Bhyve Hypervisor Running Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

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Before embarking its worth reviewing the requirements as running Windows on Bhyve does require a bit of work and not for the faint hearted. It also requires some pretty specific hardware requirements/features as Bhyve has been built from the ground up with modern hardware accelerated virtualisation features at the forefront leave all the legacy cruff […]